WhatsApp heat stickers: learn how to send in the app

User can submit weather-themed cards on WhatsApp via the Weather Stickers application. The app has several options for funny weather stickers like sun and thermometer, plus clouds, moons and snow. During the summer in Brazil, the function is useful for those who want to share fun stickers about the heat to their friends and groups.

In the following tutorial, learn how to use the Weather Stickers app to add weather cards to your WhatsApp. The procedure was performed on a Moto E4 with Android 7.1.1 Nougat, but the tips are also valid for other handsets. The app is exclusive to the Google system and has no iPhone version (iOS).

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Learn how to add and use weather cards in WhatsApp

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Step 1. Install and open the Weather Stickers app. Then touch "Metcast" or "Classy weather" to see weather stickers. Tap "Add to WhatsApp" at the bottom of the screen to add the stickers to your WhatsApp;

Installing sticker packs in WhatsApp

Step 2. Finally, click "Add" to confirm the installation of the cards. A message will then appear in the center of the screen telling you that the stickers have been added. If you want, repeat the procedure to install other packages;

Confirm the installation of the cards

Step 3. To access the cards, open a WhatsApp conversation and tap the face icon to the left of the text field. Now open the stickers tab and click on the package icon at the top.

Finding Installed Cards

Ready! Enjoy tips on sending weather cards in your WhatsApp conversations.

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