Trick turns Instagram into board equal to that of Pinterest

Using Instagram for Chrome on your PC can be even more interesting with Oh My IG. With the extension, users can change the social network interface so that posts are displayed on boards similar to Pinterest. After installation, simply access the settings, determine how many columns to display, and view a unique feed full of photos and videos in columns.

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The extension can display and organize the media based on the time they were published, the number of tanned or the number of comments. You can also hide details such as user name, location, profile photo, etc. Here's how to install and use the plugin in Google's browser.

Oh My IG Chrome Plugin

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Step 1. Access the Oh My IG plugin download page and then click the "Use in Chrome" button;

Option to download the Oh My IG extension for Google Chrome

Step 2. Click "Add Extension" to have the plugin installed in Chrome;

Option to download and install the Oh My IG extension in Google Chrome

Step 3. After installation, click on the Oh My IG icon at the top of the page to see the extension options;

Action to open Oh My IG options in Google Chrome

Step 4. Click the "Feed" option;

Option to view the Instagram feed in the Oh My IG extension for Google Chrome

Step 5. In "No. of columns", use the up and down arrows to determine the number of columns with posts that the extension will display;

Option to determine the amount of columns with posts that will be displayed by Oh My IG

Step 6. The columns appear on the screen and you can see more posts at once in the feed. You can click on the photos to open them in full screen. Just like enjoying, commenting, searching for a profile and hiding details of the publication by clicking on the options in the "Hide" section.

Boards with Instagram posts in Oh My IG extension for Google Chrome

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