See how to download best maps to train look at CS: GO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) has a number of features to help players improve and upgrade their patents. For example, users can use training maps created by the community to improve the scope. There are maps for training guns, rifle, spray control, among others. The following tutorial teaches you how to download these maps. In addition, he listed some of the major sight maps used by professional players in training and warm-ups before the games.

Coldzera Mira: See CS Athlete Crosshair Settings: GO

Step 1. Go to the "Steam Workshop". This can be done by right-clicking the CS: GO, within Steam, and selecting the "Community Central" option;

Open the Community Central by the CS: GO shortcut on Steam

Step 2. On the next page, go to the "Workshop" tab;

Access the Office tab

Step 3. The Aim Botz - Training map created by uLLeticaL will be used for the tutorial example. To do this, on the workshop page, search for "Aim Botz" and the map will be shown, as well as the following image;

Search by map Aim Botz

Step 4. Click on the map thumbnail to open the map description page. Here, select the "Subscribe" option and the map will be downloaded immediately;

Subscribe to the map to download it

Step 5. After downloads, start CS: GO and click "Play" in the main track;

Start the game and start a game

Step 6. In the starting type, click on "Workshop Maps" and select the downloaded map, which will already be in the list of maps;

Select the map you want to open

Step 7. Click "Ok" and then "Done" in the next window. Custom modes and training matter little for selection;

Both modes will allow full use of the map

Once this is done, the game will load the map and you will be able to train in Aim Botz, which is one of the main ways of heating professional players. It is important to note that some of these maps automatically configure the CS: GO and these settings remain even after leaving the map. If the player wants to play another type of map, the previous settings may come in handy. However, you just need to quit and reopen the game for the settings to reset.

The map will be ready for use in your training

Some of the key sights for training, which the reader can find in the Steam Workshop, are:

  • Recoil Master - Spray Training (by uLLeticaL) - map that teaches to control the spray of CS weapons: GO;
  • Fast Aim / Reflex Training (by yolokas) - map with bots that go against the player, it is usually used for heating;
  • Yprac Bot Arena (by Yesber) - map similar to Aim Botz, but which brings together more training functions;
  • Yprac Aim Arena (by Yesber) - map with several training features.

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