Netflix: see the complete catalog and find any movie with Flicksurfer

The search in the Netflix catalog can be facilitated by the site Flicksurfer. The tool has advanced filters that allow you to quickly find movies, series and documentaries by very specific search filters - such as year of release, director, actors, IMDB score, nomination or award at the Oscars or Golden Globes, and more. The site is ideal for exploring available titles and finding out what to watch.

Check out the next step in how to use Flicksurfer to find any movie, documentary or series on Netflix. The site is totally free, does not require registration and does not request access to your account.

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Learn how to use Flicksurfer to explore the Netfix catalog through the PC

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Step 1. Go to the Flicksurfer website ( and select "Brazil" in the list of countries, next to the tool name in the upper bar;

Select the Netflix regional catalog

Step 2. Now you must select if you are looking for movies or series (TV shows). To search for both, leave the two options selected;

Select the type of content to search

Step 3. Next, select the genre of content you are looking for (action, adventure, comedy, drama, suspense, horror, etc.);

Select the desired genres

Step 4. If you are looking for movies and series produced by a particular director or starred by a specific actor, type the name in the text field;

Add the name of an actor or director

Step 5. Select the "Advanced filters" option to use the advanced filters. These options allow you to select the year of the movie or series, whether the content was nominated or awarded at the Oscars or Golden Globes, language and punctuation;

Using advanced filters

Step 6. The results will then be displayed automatically. By default, they are sorted by date. You can use the options in the upper left corner to sort according to the score in IMDB, RT, Netflix or average;

Changing classification of results

Step 7. Finally, click on a result to see all the information and details about a movie or series.

Click on a result to see details

Ready! Enjoy tips for discovering new content in the Netflix catalog.

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