Windows 10 October Update: See functions that come with the update

Windows 10 Octobter 2018 Update, new version of the system for PC was announced by Microsoft on Tuesday (2). The update will enhance the design of the software with more elements of the Fluent language, and bring several new features, such as night mode and integration with the mobile. The update is now available and is free for Windows 10 users.

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Unlike past updates, such as Creators Update, released in April, this time there is no central theme for features. This time, improvements are expected in various areas of Windows, ranging from productivity tools and games to enhancements to integrate the computer with the mobile. See a summary of things already confirmed or that already appear in the system test version.

Windows 10 October Update Brings Night Mode and Mobile Integration

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1. Your phone

The Your Phone application will be a bridge between the mobile phone and the PC, initially for image transfer only. The app has been available for months, but exclusively via download from the Microsoft Store. Starting with Windows 10 October 2018, the feature will be embedded in the system and should play a central role in trying to integrate the computer system with Microsoft services offered primarily on Android.

New Microsoft app lets you sync content from your phone to your PC

2. Sets

Expected initially for the April update, the Sets feature will allow you to open multiple apps in a single, separate tab window. Just like in the browser, the user can organize the work in groups of guides, expanding the possibilities of multitasking. It is possible that, initially, only Microsoft programs such as Word, Edge, and PowerPoint can be organized in this way.

Windows 10 will allow you to group apps in a single window

3. Copy and paste to the cloud

In the new version of Windows 10, users will be able to copy text to their computer and paste it to other connected devices in the same Microsoft account. The feature is called Cloud Clipboard and can be activated using the Windows + C key to copy, or Windows + V to paste something captured on another device. Traditional copy and paste will continue to be available through shortcuts Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

Windows 10 Will Have Universal Clipboard

4. Dark Mode in Explorer

Windows 10 File Explorer will gain Dark Mode in the October update. The night theme has been in the system since 2016, but is limited to the settings app. With the feature coming to Explorer, it is expected that other classic Windows elements, such as the Control Panel, will also be compatible with the black background itself to use at night.

Dark Mode will be expanded to file explorer in Windows 10

5. Swiftkey Virtual Keyboard

The Swiftkey virtual keyboard app will be embedded in Windows 10 for use on devices with touch screens, such as tablets. The mobile app was purchased by Microsoft in 2016, but by then had not reached the company's desktop operating system. In addition to improving the tablet experience, it is expected that the breakthrough will pave the way for a new generation of notebooks with two screens and no physical keyboard.

Swiftkey mobile phone keypad will be integrated with Windows 10

6. Improved Screen Capture

The Windows 10 prints tool will be enhanced in the new update. As with macOS, PC users will be able to use keyboard commands to capture freehand or full-screen images, as well as a third fixed-format option. The user can then take notes and save. The feature can now be used in Windows 10 via the Windows + Shift + S shortcut, but is still in Beta. After the update, the tool can also be activated on the traditional keyboard print key.

Screen capture tool will be improved on Windows 10 October 2018

7. Enhanced search tool

Responding to user requests, Microsoft will break apart the Cortana's system search tool. In the Windows 10 update that arrives in October, the search field will primarily consider local content stored on the computer. There will be a new dual-panel interface separating applications, documents and other types of results.

Search tool will gain new design

8. New game bar

The design of the game bar will be changed profoundly, with a smaller window with translucent background with better organization of information. The feature will also show more information about the machine, such as RAM usage level, CPU and graphics. Microsoft also says there will be improvements in system resource management at the time of play, but there are no more details about these changes.

Game bar will have new look and more information to show

9. Notepad with more features

After a long period of time without significant changes, Notepad will gain new functions in Windows 10. The app has better compatibility with Unix / Linux code typing, textual zoom tool, built-in search through Bing and find and replace similar to that found in Word.

Notepad will have locate and replace tool and more news

How to install Windows October 2018 Update?

The Windows 10 October 2018 Update began to be released today, but the update should not be available immediately to everyone. You can perform the upgrade manually prior to automatic release through the Microsoft update wizard at: You can also check if the new system version has arrived at your computer by clicking: Menu> Settings> Update and security> Updates are available> Restart now.

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Via Cnet, TechRadar, iNews and Windows Central

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