Zé Delivery: how to use the drinks app and place discount coupon

Zé Delivery is a free app exclusively dedicated to drink delivery. The service is available on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, as well as a website for ordering via PC. The service operates in the cities of São Paulo, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, with promise of expansion of the area soon. By offering a vast catalog of alcoholic beverages, the tool can only be used by persons over 18 years of age. However, there are also soft drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages.

In all channels of access to the platform it is possible to insert discount coupon and see promotion of several stores. The following guide teaches you how to register, place an order and enter promotional codes. The step by step was done in a Moto G5S Plus with Android Oreo, but the instructions also serve the Apple operating system, because the interface is similar in both devices.

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Zé Delivery, beverage delivery application for Android and iOS

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Step 1. Download Zé Delivery. When you open the app for the first time, it will prompt you for access to the device's location. After allowing, select "Brazil" as country and confirm that you are over 18;

Inform the country of origin and the minimum age for ordering drinks in the Zé Delivery app.

Step 2. Press the "View Products" button. On the next screen, confirm the delivery address and tap "Continue";

Confirm delivery address for beverage orders made by Zé Delivery

Step 3. To order a drink in the Zé Delivery app you need to register. So, go to the main menu, represented by three dashes, and click "Enter";

Sign in to the Zé Delivery app

Step 4. The user can access the platform with Facebook credentials or by email services, such as Gmail. Even if you use social networking data, the service requires a social security number, telephone number, and date of birth. Fill in the form, tap "Register and continue";

Fill out the registration form in the Zé Delivery application

Step 5. Verify that your mobile phone number is correct and, if so, press "Confirm Phone". Then, enter the verification code sent by SMS and wait a few seconds for the app to load the beverage catalog.

Enter the Zé Delivery verification code sent by SMS

Order drink

Step 1. Navigate the beverage categories - beers, distilled, wine, alcohol free and etc - or use the magnifying glass to find what you want. When you find the drink, touch the corresponding "Add" button. When you have selected all the desired items, press "View cart";

Select drinks to buy in the Zé Delivery app

Step 2. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to add or remove units of the selected item, if desired. Scroll down to choose whether you want to receive the order on time or schedule a specific date, plus confirm or change the delivery address and select the form of payment;

Fill in delivery information of the drink order in Zé Delivery

Step 3. Also enter the payment amount if you have chosen "Cash" in the previous step. If not, follow the guidelines given for credit and debit cards. You can also enter a valid discount coupon, if you have one. At the end, press the "Order Now" button to confirm the order.

Confirm the drink order in the Zé Delivery app

Discount coupon

Step 1. You can enter coupons to take advantage of promotions and other discounts offered by the app. To do this, go to the main menu and go to "My coupons". Enter the promotional code and press the "Add" button;

Include discount coupons in the Zé Delivery app

Step 2. The message "Coupon added" will be displayed if the code is valid. The promotional sequence and its discount amount will be listed in the "My Coupons" menu;

List of discount coupons added by the user in the Zé Delivery application

Step 3. Every user has their own discount coupon to share with friends. Enter the "Invite a friend" option and see. Each time a new user enters your code during a purchase, you will receive $ 5 of credit to use for future purchases.

Share your Zé Delivery app promotion code to earn discounts

Ready. Take the hint and ask for how many drinks you need with the Zé Delivery app.

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