Cheap flights to Cyber ​​Monday 2018: finding cheap flights

You can find airline tickets on the way to Cyber ​​Monday 2018. Skyscanner is a flight search engine that lets you find the best deals on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. The free tool searches the portal of the main airlines that operate in the Brazilian airports. At Cyber ​​Monday 2018, - an extension of Black Friday - the service is offering travel offers to various national and international destinations.

The resource is useful as it helps those interested to plan their vacations in a more economical way. In the tutorial below, check out how to use the Skyscanner app to take advantage of year-end discounts. The procedure was performed on a Moto E4 with Android 7.1.1 Nougat, but the tips are also valid for users of other versions of the Google system or Apple devices.

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Find out how to take advantage of Cyber ​​Monday flights from Skyscanner

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Step 1. Download Skyscanner on the webpage. Open and sign in to your account or sign up for free with Facebook, Google or email address. On the main application screen, go to the "Explore" tab and tap "Cyber ​​Monday 2018";

Access Cyber ​​Monday deals through the app Skyscanner

Step 2. By default, Skyscanner defines the shipment in São Paulo. To change the city, touch the name. Then select the destination and the desired date for the flight;

Set the city of embarkation through the Skyscanner app

Step 3. On the next screen, choose the flight schedule. Once this is done, click on "View offers";

Search for flights from the app?

Step 4. Finally, go to "Go to the site" to open the company page with the passages in the amount you chose and make the purchase. The process to be followed for the payment varies according to each site, just follow the directions of the site.

Access the company website from the Skyscanner app to buy tickets

Ready. Use the links below to read detailed information about Cyber ​​Monday flights.

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