Teen Titans - Teen Titans Go! Figure Battle: how to play the game mobile

The game Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go! Figure Battle is a fun adventure with the characters of the cartoon Young Titans, which was very successful in the early 2000s and recently won a new version. Launched on Android and iOS, it lets you use hero-inspired dolls, such as Robin, Estelar, Ravenna or Beast, to deal with battles throughout the city, and increase the collection. Learn how to play, below:

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Teen Titans - Teen Titans Go! Figure Battle is a very simple game. When you open it, just tap "Go" to start your adventure. You will be introduced to the central hero, Robin, and you will receive your doll to start.

How to walk

To walk around the city is very simple: there are two ways, or you just touch the place you want to go, or drag your finger across the screen on the line you want your character to follow. So he will walk to the end of the path.

Characters move around the map by touching

In battles

The battle is the central gameplay of Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go! Figure Battle. This is where action takes place. It's very simple: just touch your character's attack when the action bar increases. You have to wait for the correct time, as in classic RPGs.

Combat uses an action bar

Do not forget to always collect coins. They will serve to buy more dolls for your group, over time. When a coin appears on the screen after the attack, just tap them to collect in your bank.

Coins are collected during combat

It is also possible to change characters. The more characters your group has, the greater the chances of winning. To change, if any of them are weak, just touch the photo of the character you want to put as active.

The character swap happens in the lower left corner of the screen


Teen Titans - Teen Titans Go! Figure Battle to get more coins, and so enhance your group. Once a quest appears, tap the onscreen option and perform the requested task to be rewarded.

Missions are available and give coins as a reward

Increasing level

As in RPG games, Teen Titans - Teen Titans Go! Figure Battle brings a system of character evolution. As you fight and win, more experience the heroes receive and thus they may have more attack power. You must choose which bonus to receive at the end of the level advance.

When level up, the player can choose an improvement for his character

Setting up your group

And, of course, before the battles, do not forget to always assemble your group. Choose the characters best suited for the task in Teen Titans - Teen Titans Go! Figure Battle. Each new character in the group, with a maximum of three, grants life bonus. Also, try to focus group creation with assorted attacks - blending healing with aggressive characters.

You can have up to three characters on the same team

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