D-Link Router: How to configure QoS to direct Wi-Fi signal

D-Link has several routers for sale in the Brazilian market, with models for all types of users. To the most demanding, a very interesting function and that is present in devices of the brand is the Quality of Service (QoS). This feature is a good solution to direct network usage to a specific device, keeping the connection stable, and avoiding crashes and bugs.

If you have the habit of playing online or watching movies via streaming, learn how to set up network preference in the next step. The procedure was done in Google Chrome, but it can also be done in other browsers.

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D-Link routers with the function can be configured by the brand settings interface

Step 1. Check the credentials of the router at the bottom of the device. Then enter the IP number in the browser's search bar;

IP number opens the D-Link settings page, where QoS is activated

Step 2. Log in as Administrator by pressing "Enter" - this is D-Link's factory default, but it is worth creating your own password to access the page. Then go to "Features" and click on "Priorities (QoS)";

(QoS) "

Step 3. On the next page, indicate the speeds you want to assign to devices with preference;

Specify speeds to enable QoS

Step 4. Select and drag the connections that will gain priority. It is possible to include up to two devices with high preference, and one with maximum advantage in the signal distribution;

Select and drag the connected devices, arranging them according to the preferences

Step 5. After adding the connections in the indicated columns, click save to update the network settings;

Ready! Devices that have been prioritized with QoS will have fewer connection problems during periods with the congested network. The function avoids crashes in online games, video playback and calls.

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