Finding lyrics without leaving Chrome with the Vagalume extension

Vagalume has a Chrome extension for fetching song lyrics while playing YouTube videos and streaming services. The tool is ideal for people who like to decorate lyrics of romantic music, sertaneja, gospel, international, funk etc and sing along with their favorite artists. In addition to the video sites, the tip works for tracks played on Deezer, Spotify, Tidal and other online services.

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Unlike similar tools, this extension does not automatically recognize the currently playing song in the browser. After installation, users should search for any letter in the Vagalume site database. The song phrases appear in the upper right corner of the screen to ensure that you view videos and other details of the site you open in Chrome. The Vagalume has a database complete with songs from national and international artists of diverse musical styles. Check out how to use the extension.

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Step 1. Access the download page of the Vagalume extension, click on Download and press the "Use in Chrome" button;

Action to download the Vagalume extension in Chrome

Step 2. Check the "Add Extension" button to download and install the tool in Chrome;

Action to download and install the Vagalume extension in Chrome

Step 3. Access YouTube or any other site to listen to music and play the song you want to sing along. At that point, click the extension icon in the upper right corner of the screen, as shown in the image below;

Action to open the Vagalume extension to search for music lyrics in Chrome

Step 4. Press the search bar to start a song search;

Option to search the lyrics of a song using the Vagalume extension for Chrome

Step 5. Enter the name of the song and click on the corresponding result;

Action to search to open a song letter in the Vagalume extension for Chrome

Step 6. Once done, just follow the song with the lyrics on the right side of the screen.

Open song lyrics in the extension Vagalume for Chrome

Take the hint to learn the lyrics of your favorite songs and sing along using the Vagalume website extension.

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