How to activate the Marketplace and create a buy and sell group on Facebook

The Marketplace, Facebook's buying and selling platform, can be activated or deactivated within specific groups as needed. The function is useful for creating a virtual store environment in an enclosed group, which may or may not be thematic. Only administrators are allowed to control the buy-sell feature. Here's how to turn a Facebook group into a marketplace to buy and sell products on the social network.

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How to enable Marketplace in Facebook Sales Group

Step 1. Access the group in which you want to activate the Marketplace function and press the "More" button just below the cover photo. Then select the "Edit group settings" option;

Access Facebook group settings

Step 2. Under "Group type", select "Select a group type";

Change group type

Step 3. Check the "Buy and Sell" option and check "Confirm";

Change the group to the type Buying and Selling

Step 4. Back to the previous screen, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Save" to finalize the setting;

Save the group type change

Step 5. From there the posts of the group will offer all the tools of ads of products of the Marketplace of Facebook.

Group wins buying and selling function

Disabling the Marketplace on Facebook

Step 1. To deactivate the feature, return to the group settings;

Access Facebook group settings

Step 2. In the group settings, press the "Change" option to change the group type;

Change the group type to remove buy and sell function

Step 7. Choose another type of group to turn the Marketplace off. Save the action by clicking the "confirm" button in the lower right corner.

Change the group type to disable Facebook Marketplace

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