How to add captions to uploaded media on Telegram

The Telegram has a feature so users can add subtitles to media that have already been sent. The feature, initially launched for iPhone (iOS), is ideal for explaining a scene in a video or photo that is in chat history, and is not present in rival WhatsApp and Android smartphones. After writing the caption, it will be added to the image without the message exiting the order that was sent.

To learn how to use Telegram media caption editing, check out the tutorial you have prepared.

Tutorial shows how to edit subtitles on media sent to a Telegram contact

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Step 1. In a chat, search for an image you submitted. At this point, hold your finger on the photo and touch the "Edit" option.

Action to start caption editing on a media sent in Telegram chat

Step 2. Enter the caption you want and press the blue visa icon to send. Once this is done, the caption will appear in the media, as shown in the image below.

Action to add media captions sent to a contact on the Telegram

Use the tip to explain, in captions, the media you have sent to a Telegram contact.

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