How to attend Monster Hunter events: World

Monster Hunter: World is the new release of the popular Capcom franchise. Initially available for PS4 and Xbox One - the PC version arrives on Steam through the end of 2018 - the action title offers periodic events to keep the player always up to date with new content. In this tutorial, check out how to participate online and offline:

As in previous games, Monster Hunter: World brings an intuitive event system with unique missions and unique prizes. The list of activities is updated every short period, and the challenges usually boil down to hunting monsters, participating in arena clashes, and catching targets.

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Know that it is possible to participate in events both offline - only with the help of Amigato - as online, accompanied by three other users, which considerably raises the difficulty of the task. To request help, use the SOS feature from the pause menu.

How to attend events

Step 1. Access the "Missions Chart" available in the city of Astera or talk to the Assistant anywhere else on the map;

Monster Hunter: World: Go to the mission board or talk to the Wizard

Step 2. In the mission menu, select "Publish New Mission" to be the event organizer. If you would like to participate in an open online event, choose "Enter a Mission". Both options lead to the event tab;

Step 3. With the menu open, press the "Events" icon to access the list with all available temporary activities;

Step 4. Before accepting a mission, make sure you have reached the appropriate Hunter rank. You can view your current level by pressing the pause button on the "Status" tab, located in the right corner of the screen;

Monster Hunter: World: Check if the hunter rank is compatible with the mission

Step 5. Finally, review the cash value, the items awarded, and the time limit before accepting the hunt. The quality of the prizes will depend on the difficulty level of the goal and, of course, the target to be hunted. It's important to remember that you can repeat the same event as many times as you want, being a good option to "farm" and accumulate specific monster parts.

Monster Hunter: World: temporary event is inaccessible if ranque is not high enough

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