How to blur the photo background in PicsArt for Android and iPhone

PicsArt is an application that lets you create custom blur effects in photos. With the program, you can simulate the effect of professional cameras, which leave an object or person highlighted in the photo, and blur the background. The same result is also achieved with the iPhone 7 Plus, with the use of "portrait mode". With the image editor application, this function can be easily elaborated on the smartphone, even with blur effects similar to those of Instagram.

The advantage is that the app is available to download for free and with language in Portuguese, also allowing to make assemblies. See, in the following tutorial, the step-by-step how to blur the background of a photo with PicsArt. The tip is valid for Android and iPhone (iOS).

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PicsArt: learn all about the editing app

Using PicsArt to apply effects to photos saved on your phone

Step 1. To get started, download and install the app on your phone. Then access the menu, represented by a "+", and touch the "Edit" option.

Open the PicsArt editor on your phone

Step 2. Select, in the mobile gallery, the image you want to customize. The main editor screen will be displayed so you can start making adjustments.

Select photo to start editing in PicsArt by mobile

Blurring the effects of PicsArt

Step 1. Blur can be done in different ways. The first is through the "Effects" menu. Touch the side menu and select "Blur".

Select the blur effect in PicsArt

Step 2. There are different effects of artistic blur but items that only blur the background can be found in "Focal Zoom" (which has border effect) or "Blur" (blurring around the center).

Choose the blur effect that blurs the background of the photo

Step 3. To customize the result of the effect, position the circular meter at the point where you do not want to apply the blur (it will be applied to the center environment). Then touch the button of the selected effect and adjust the edit bars (blur intensity, size, hardness and fade) until you get the result you want. The changes are shown in real time in the photo. Confirm the "check" button at the top right to apply to the image.

Customize blur effect on PicsArt by mobile

Instagram-style blending

Step 1. Another way to apply the background blur is quite reminiscent of the "Blur" tool on Instagram. To access through PicsArt, touch the "Tool" button and select "Thumbnail".

Select the thumbnail tool in PicsArt from your mobile phone

Step 2. As in the social network, it is possible to use the "Linear" or "Radial" (circular) blur. Adjust the image using your fingers as tweezers to increase or reduce the area of ​​blur on both tools. Note that the center point will remain in focus (focus). In the "Quantity" bar the user sets the intensity of the blur to smaller (left) or larger (drag to the right). Save the result to the "top" check icon.

Apply the blur effect similar to Instagram

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