How to bookmark and find the place you parked through Waze

Waze has a feature that helps the user to register the location where their car was parked. Intuitively, you can mark the exact location where your vehicle is on the map and consult the application when you are ready to drive again.

The feature, ideal for people who use large parking lots or park in unfamiliar streets, is only available in the Waze for iPhone (iOS) app. See, in the following tutorial, the step-by-step of how to mark the parking place of your car and not waste time in the time to re-drive.

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How to bookmark the place you parked with Waze

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Step 1. Open Waze and keep your finger on the place where you parked. Then click on the three-point icon above the address description, and then tap "Check your parking spot".

Way to bookmark the place you parked on Waze

Step 2. Touch the camera icon and then "Ok" to allow Waze to take pictures with your phone.

Option to open the camera in Waze to take a photo of where you parked

Step 3. Use the camera button (digital shutter) to take a picture of the place. Then click the arrow icon, as shown in the image sequence below.

Option to take a photo with Waze from where you parked your car

Step 4. With the location registered, touch the target icon to return to your current location. Note that the parking spot is displayed on the map with a car icon. Click on it to continue.

Checking parking registration on Waze

Step 5. The menu presents options for removing the location and editing it. To see precisely where your car is, select "Preview location". Once you've done that, you'll see the location on the map and you can even make a new route to it.

Waze option to view where you parked your car

Take advantage of the tip to save time in finding the place where you parked your car.

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