How to create alarms with your favorite Spotify songs

SpotOn Alarm is an alarm application for Android that can play the tracks of Spotify to wake the user. Available for free download, the app can play both individual songs and the playlists of your account in the streaming service.

In addition, there are functions like repetition throughout the week and progressive increase of the volume, for a more gentle awakening. See, in this tutorial, the step-by-step how to create an alarm clock with Spotify songs.

SpotOn Alarm uses your Spotify music as an alarm clock

How to add playlists ready in Spotify

Before using, the user should know that SpotOn Alarm is in beta stage in the Google Play Store. In our tests, the application worked as expected and with no error. However, we recommend creating secondary alarms using the system's own native app or other programs to avoid any inconvenience.

Step 1. From the SpotOn Alarm home screen, touch the clock being shown or the "+" button to create a new one.

Step 2. On the next screen, tap the time at the top to decide when the alarm will be triggered.

Spoton Alarm can create alarms with Spotify songs

Step 3. After selecting the time, click on "Tap to select Music" to choose the track in Spotify.

Step 4. A window will open for the user to log in to the streaming service. Connect your account normally.

Connect your Spotify account to choose a song for alarm

Step 5. If Spotify requests confirmation to connect the service, confirm access to your account.

Step 6. SpotOn Alarm will show your saved playlists and songs. Choose the track or list you want to play.

User can choose music or playlist after authorizing connection to Spotify

Step 7. Check below if you want the music to increase the volume gradually (Fade in) and if you want to play the playlist at random (Shuffle). You can also choose below if you want the phone to vibrate (Vibrate), if the app should show notifications (Show notification) and choose the days to repeat the alarm.

Step 8. When all is done, tap "Save".

Set the alarm with Spotify music and tap Save when finished

Step 9. Back to the home screen, make sure the alarm activation key is on.

Note: Because SpotOn Alarm stream music, your phone must be connected to the Internet for the track to ring during the alarm. Otherwise, the app will use the standard Android sound.

Step 10. When the alarm sounds, slide the button to the right of the screen to turn it off. Or, if you want to sleep a little longer, swipe left to activate the snooze function.

SpotOn Alarm will play music from Spotify along with the alarm

Now you know how to create an alarm with your favorite Spotify songs. If you want to change the snooze time or music volume, simply access the application settings.

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