How to disable WhatsApp

WhatsApp can be temporarily disabled if your phone is lost, and the question is how to turn off WhatsApp that is quite common on the internet. The request must be made by email and may take a few hours to complete. By doing so, your account remains inactive for up to 30 days and can be reactivated at any time. If this is not done within that time, your data is permanently deleted and a new account needs to be created.

In the following tutorial, learn how to turn off your WhatsApp for a while. The procedure was performed on a Moto E4, with Android 7.1.1 Nougat, but the tips are valid for iPhone users (iOS). Remember that in case of stolen or lost cell phone, it is also important to deactivate your SIM card with the operator to prevent the account from being used in another device.

Learn how to temporarily disable your WhatsApp account

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Step 1. On your computer or other mobile phone, write an email to . On the subject, write "Lost / Stolen: Please disable my account" and in the body of the email, enter your complete number, with country code (+55, in the case of Brazil) and DDD.

Send an email to WhatsApp support

Step 2. A few hours later, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your account has been disabled. It is from now on that the term of 30 days begins to count.

Email with confirmation that the account has been disabled

Step 3. Your account can be reactivated normally on any cell phone. If you recover your device, when you open WhatsApp, a message that the account has been disabled will be displayed. Touch "Confirm" and re-enter your phone.

Reactivating WhatsApp account

Step 4. Then tap "OK" to confirm the number and wait until the verification SMS is sent. For Android, the code will be populated automatically. On the iPhone, you need to enter it.

Reactivating WhatsApp account

Step 5. Type your name and, if you like, select or change your profile photo. Finally, touch "Next". Your messages and groups will be loaded and WhatsApp can be used normally.

Reactivating WhatsApp account

Ready! Take advantage of the tips to disable your WhatsApp and prevent malicious people from gaining access to your account.

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