How to find the best Spotify themed playlists

Spotify has an online platform for users to find playlists in the streaming service. Call The Playlist Miner, the tool is free and features a search for playlists from terms. The site still allows you to play the lists found directly on Spotify, through the connection between The Playlist Miner and the account in the streaming service.

The tool is ideal for finding specific lists for dancing, relaxing or a particular musical style. To do this, just enter corresponding terms in the search tool, as we will see in the following tutorial.

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Step 1. Go to The Playlist Miner website ( and check the "Login With Spotify" button;

Action to log in to The Miner Playlist with a Spotify account

Step 2. To authorize login to The Playlist Miner using your Spotify account, confirm the "OK" button;

Action to authorize login to The Miner Playlist service using a Spotify account

Step 3. At this point, type a term to find a matching playlist. You can, for example, type "Dance" and click the "Find Playlist" button;

Action to search for a playlist by theme in The Playlist Miner service

Step 4. The service will feature several playlists that use the term you've searched for. Click on one of them to continue;

Action to open in Spotify a playlist found in the service The Playlist Miner

Step 5. To have the playlist open in Spotify, select " Launch Application" in the dialog box that appears;

Action to open in Spotify a playlist found in the service The Playlist Miner

Step 6. After that, the playlist will open in Spotify and you can select "Play" to listen or "Follow" to follow the list and find it in your profile in the streaming service.

Action to save or play in Spotify a playlist found in The Playlist Miner service

Use the hint to find new Spotify playlists according to your favorite musical feelings or tastes.

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