How to know if an online store is on Procon's list of sites to avoid

The CanBuy extension is designed to inform consumers if an online store is on Procon's list of stores to "get away". The tool, which is a Chrome add-on, checks to see if the URL of a site is on the list of stores not recommended by the institution. That way, before making a purchase in an insecure way, consumers can use the extension to quickly verify the reliability of an online trading company.

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The function is ideal for escaping from fraudulent websites created by criminals who use the Black Friday period to create fake offers. Check out how to use the CanBuy extension to identify websites that cheat the consumer.

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Step 1. Access the download page of the CanBuy extension, click "Download". In the Chrome Web Store and select "Use in Chrome";

Action to download the CanBuy extension for Chrome

Step 2. Press the "Add Extension" button to have the tool installed in Chrome;

Action to download and install the CanBuy extension in Google Chrome

Step 3. Go to an online store and click the extension icon in the upper right corner of the browser window;

Action to check if a site is blacklisted in Procon online stores

Step 4. A message will be posted on the screen to inform if the site is part of the Procon blacklist.

Untrusted site alert submitted by the CanBuy extension for Chrome

Use the extension always before making an online store purchase so you do not fall for Black Friday scams.

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