How to make a birthday party invitation with Canva

Canva is an online editor that lets you create birthday invitations or other arts without having to install anything on your computer. The tool, which is free, runs directly from the browser and can be useful for producing personalized invitations. The result can be downloaded and shared on social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp, or printed to be handed out to your friends and family.

Check out, in the next step, how to use the Canva app to make birthday invitations on your PC. If you are not creative, know that the application gallery has several ready-made templates that can be edited and used as an example.

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Learn how to use Canva to create birthday invitations

Step 1. Access Canva and log in to your account or create a free registration;

Sign in or create an account

Step 2. In the side column on the left, click "Explore templates";

Open Canva models

Step 3. Now expand the "Invitations" category and click "Birthday". On the right, choose the template you want to use and click on it;

Finding invitation templates

Step 4. Then click "Use this template" in the upper right corner of the page;

Open the selected template in the editor

Step 5. The selected template will open in the editor. Click on the text field to edit the message. The formatting options are located in the panel just above the image;

Editing the text of the Canva model

Step 6. You can change the color of the pictures, background, borders and other details. To do this, simply click on the desired item and choose the color in the upper left corner;

Editing figures and colors

Step 7. If you want, you can move the objects by dragging with the mouse. The buttons that appear at the corners of the rectangle are used to increase or decrease the size and rotate the image;

Moving or rotating objects in the Canva

Step 8. After making the desired edits, click "Download" in the upper right corner of the screen. Finally, select the format and click the green "Download" button to download the image.

Downloading the invitation to the PC by the Canva

Ready. Enjoy the tips on how to use Canva to create birthday invitations without having to install anything on your PC.

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