How to make the two endings of YumeNikki Dream Diary

YumeNikki Dream Diary, the new version of the Japanese horror game for PC (via Steam), has more than one end, one of which is secret. Madotsuki needs to find five specific NPCs to unlock a last hidden setting in her dreams. Here's how to do both ends of the game.

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Normal end

YumeNikki is a linear game where the requirements for the first final are filled throughout Madotsuki's journey. You need to get five effects - objects that empower the girl - to complete the five dreams of the story. This will unlock the sixth door, red.

When completing all the stages, enter the red door to make the first end of YumeNikki Dream Diary

Enter this door and head for the elevator using the flashlight. Eventually you will find a kind of final boss who will chase Madotsuki. Run to the terrace and use the powers of the double jump to get him out. Access the last door and watch the first ending.

Secret end

To make the secret end you must find some peculiar NPCs. Jellyfish are hidden at every stage of the game. Check out the steps to this end and the location of each.

Jellyfish 1

At the city gate, instead of going to the right, go back and walk to the left.

In the town of YumeNikki Dream Diary, instead of going to the right, turn left

The jellyfish is at the end of the alley, in a hidden part of the map.

The living water will be on the left end of the map in YumeNikki Dream Diary

Jellyfish 2

Access the pier and use the double umbrella jump to the left.

At the YumeNikki Dream Diary pier, use the double umbrella jump and fly left

You will see a platform. Place it on it and click on the jellyfish.

The living water will be on top of a platform in YumeNikki Dream Diary

Jellyfish 3

Hold the monster in the cage so the NPCs can leave the house. Then head over to the central alley and enter the image door below.

In the YumeNikki Dream Diary Desert, enter the open door on the left

The jellyfish will be in the room. Click to activate it.

Tap the creature to collect another jellyfish in YumeNikki Dream Diary

Jellyfish 4

For the fourth jellyfish you will need an important item in the red school . Use the Hamsa in this room to pick up the toilet key.

Use the power of Hamsa to find the key of the bower in YumeNikki Dream Diary

Go back to the normal school setting and use the key on the third floor.

Use the key to open the locked door of the school bathroom in YumeNikki Dream Diary

The next creature is in place. Do not forget to turn it on.

The next jellyfish will be inside the bathroom in YumeNikki Dream Diary

Jellyfish 5

In the mannequins store, enter the room with boxes. At the top, near the door, use the double jump to access the secret entrance.

Use the umbrella to access the secret entrance in the warehouse at YumeNikki Dream Diary

Exit through the door, get off the platform and head left to the end of the hallway. Do not forget to leave the flashlight always on.

Get off the platform and go left, always using the flashlight on YumeNikki Dream Diary

Click the bright spot in the dark to get the key from the terrace.

The bright spot is the key to the terrace of YumeNikki Dream Diary

Go to the mall and enter the first door next to the entrance.

At the YumeNikki Dream Diary shopping mall, enter the first hallway door

Do not enter the elevator. Use the key on the door to the direct.

Use the key to access the terrace at YumeNikki Dream Diary

The last jellyfish is on the right side of the terrace.

Activate the last jellyfish of YumeNikki Dream Diary

Final part

Now that you have all the jellyfish, complete the game at the normal end. After the credits, reload the save. You will be back in Madotsuki's room. Go back to the red door and head straight for the lantern. Open the second door after the elevator.

In the final dream of YumeNikki Dream Diary, enter the second door after the elevator

In the room, touch the symbol to activate it.

Click on the symbol on the wall to activate it on YumeNikki Dream Diary

When leaving the room with the symbol, go straight to the door at the end of the hallway. Enter to go to the terrace. Go to the left and you'll find the same red scribble on the floor. Click it to activate a scene.

Again on the terrace, go left and activate the second symbol to make the secret end of YumeNikki Dream Diary

Inside the ship, use the flute to play the same song as the NPC.

Play the song to open the secret door on YumeNikki Dream Diary

Finally, enter the door to the direct, lie down in bed and enjoy the secret end.

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