How to put background image in Word

Microsoft Word has a feature that allows users to customize document backgrounds with images stored on the computer. The function, present in more recent versions of the text editor, is ideal for creating letters, invitations and backgrounds for informational purposes. In addition, the feature can help create birthday messages and other commemorative actions in a simple way, without the need to use a complex image editor.

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The attached image can have any resolution. However, depending on the size, it will appear in multiples so that it fills the entire background area of ​​the document. Check out how to use the feature.

Tutorial shows you how to add background images in Microsoft Word

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Step 1. Open Microsoft Word and select the blank document;

Action to create a blank document in Microsoft Word

Step 2. Access the "Insert" tab to view options for attaching elements to the document;

Action to view options for inserting elements into a Word document

Step 3. Click the "Page Color" button to view color options and other elements to add to the document;

Option to change the background of a document in Microsoft Word

Step 4. Select the "Fill Effects" option;

Action to open more options for background filling of a Word document

Step 5. At this point, check the "Select Image" option, inside the "image" tab;

Action to open File Explorer to attach images to the background of a Word document

Step 6. Click the "From a file" option to open the file explorer of your computer;

Action to open file explorer from PC by Microsoft Word

Step 7. Choose the image you want to import and confirm the "Insert" button;

Action to import into Microsoft Word an image that will be used as background

Step 8. To attach the image to the bottom of the file, select "OK";

Action to add a computer image in the background of a Microsoft Word file

Step 9. The image will be added to the background and you can usually write your text.

Background of a custom Microsoft Word document with an image

Take the hint to master the function to change Microsoft Word backgrounds.

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