How to Register a Fingerprint on the Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 has a fingerprint sensor that can be used as a screen unlock method or to access the Secure Folder - which keeps your files even more protected. With biometrics, you can increase the security of data stored on your phone and prevent unauthorized people from using your smartphone.

In the following tutorial, teach you the step-by-step how to register a digital on Samsung's top-of-the-line phone.

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Step 1. Access the Galaxy S8 settings and tap the "Lock screen and Security" option.

Accessing the security settings of the Galaxy S8

Step 2. Click "Fingerprint reader" and then "Add fingerprint".

Accessing the fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S8

Step 3. If you use a screen unlock password, you will need to enter the code, drawing, or PIN to proceed. Then, just place your finger on the digital sensor, as shown in the image below. The system will prompt you to remove and reposition your finger over the player a few times.

Registering a digital on the Galaxy S8

Step 4. When the circle turns green with a "check" symbol, just touch "Done" to finish. If you wanted to register another fingerprint, touch "Add".

Completing the fingerprint record

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