How to use the "Do Not Disturb" mode of the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8, like other Apple phones, has a very useful feature called "Do Not Disturb". With this feature, the user can set their smartphone to not receive calls and notifications over a period of time, which can be very useful in times when the person does not want to be disturbed, such as in meetings or while sleeping.

To help you take advantage of all the options that this feature offers, you have prepared the tutorial below. See step-by-step and learn how to set up Do Not Disturb on iPhone 8.

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Step 1. Open the iPhone "Settings" and tap "Do Not Disturb".

Open iPhone 8 settings

Step 2. On the page that opens, you can configure the function. The first thing to do is to activate the Do Not Disturb key. Now, choose a scheduled time for the feature to turn on automatically. If you prefer, keep this key off to activate the function only by hand.

Step 3. Now you must choose whether the cell phone should remain muted "Always" or only "If the iPhone is locked." Once this is done, you must define whether you will allow calls during this "Everyone" period, "Favorites" or only from a "Contact Group".

Step 4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to set up the rest. Here you will choose whether "Repeat Links" should be accepted or not and when "Do Not Disturb When Driving" should be active. Now, just set an auto answer for the function, if you want, by clicking the last option on the screen.

Ready. Because these options are configurable, you can repeat step-by-step whenever you want to make changes.

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