How to watch videos on IGTV? See tips

IGTV, Instagram's video-only application, brings features that enhance the viewing experience of the clips. Bringing videos of 10 minutes or, depending on the account, up to an hour, the app allows to pause, forward and recuaro film, for example something absent in Stories.

Tools like tanned and comments also give new possibilities to the platform, available for Android and iPhone (iOS), compared to the already traditional Stories. Learn more about Instagram TV tools and get more out of your favorite accounts.

How to download IGTV videos

Check out tips for watching IGTV videos

1. Pass the videos manually

IGTV videos are played back one after another automatically, according to the order of the profiles displayed at the bottom of the screen. However, you can switch from one video to another on your own by swiping your finger to the right or left, if you want to move forward or back respectively.

Manual feed for next IGTV app video

2. Pause, forward or rewind the video

If you want to pause a running video, tap it in the area indicated by the arrow in the first image below. The playback bar will be displayed along with the play / pause button. To move forward or backward in a video, drag the circle on the bar to the right or left.

Pause, forward and rewind video running on IGTV

3. Enjoy, comment and share the videos

To interact with a video, tap it on the screen, just as you learned in the previous topic. Mark the heart to enjoy, as highlighted in the first image below. If you want to comment, tap the balloon icon, type your message and press "Publish".

Enjoying and commenting on videos on the IGTV app

You can also upload IGTV videos through Instagram Direct. To do this, touch the feature icon next to the comments. Enter a message, if you like, and then press the "Send" button. To return to the main IGTV screen, touch "Finish".

Sending IGTV video through Instagram Direct

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