LoL Chat: Learn how to use commands, shortcuts and emotes in online chats

League of Legends (LoL) is a free PC game developed and distributed by Riot Games. The MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) has a chat that is fundamental when thinking about strategies and plays in ranked games. In practice, between a team fight and another, it is the keyboard and mouse shortcuts that facilitate the gameplay and teamwork. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the main commands, shortcuts, and emotes in your conversations in LoL.

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League of Legends; check out our complete guide for beginners

To use chat

Step 1: Start a game and press the "Enter" key when you want to communicate. A box as in the figure below will appear on the left and bottom of the screen;

The shortcut with "Enter" is used to open and close the chat

Step 2: With the chat box open, write the message and press "Enter." After this, it will be sent to the allied team and the conversation tab will close automatically;

It is not necessary to close the chat window if a message is sent

Step 3: If you want to communicate with the enemy team, use "/ all" or press "Shift + Enter" before typing the message.

All League of Legends commands are started with a bar to the right

Now that you know how to open the chat inside the game, know the commands that LoL chat provides.

Chat Commands

With open chat, you can mutate messages, pings (signs) and make your champion laugh or dance with commands, as well as send texts to all the players present in the match. Check out the list of commands below:

"/ Mute + Summoner name" = Mutes a player until the end of the game;

"/ Muteping" = Silences all player pings until the end of the game;

"/ Fullmute" = Mute all the texts and pings of a player until the match ends;

"/ Ignore" = Ignore all invokers during the game;

"/ D" or "/ dance" or "CTRL + 3" = Makes your champion dance;

"/ J" or "/ joke" or "CTRL + 1" = A joke is counted by your champion;

"/ T" or "/ taunt" or "CTRL + 2" = The chosen champion causes the enemy;

"/ L" or "/ laugh" or "CTRL + 4" = Will make your champion laugh;

"/ R" or "/ reply" or "/ msg" = If you received a private message (in yellow), use this command to reply while playing;

"/ Msg + Caller name" = Send a private message to a contact in your list;

"/ Ignore all" - Mute all players of the game in question and in the next clashes (such a command prevents the present system working between you and the invokers for two weeks);

"/ Ignore enemy" = Muta all opposing players are silenced during the match;

"/ Rmk" = Starts remake voting;

"/ Surrender" = Vote for surrender.

Chat shortcuts

When a key is pressed and makes some changes within the game, it is considered a shortcut. In the League of Legends, even within a match, the keys can assist in-game if you do not want to write. Check out the main shortcuts of the game:

"Z" = Shows chat history;

"G + click" = Ping (sign);

"G + click left / right / up / down" = Enemy disappeared / On the way / Danger / Help me;

"Alt + click on champion" = Look at a champion;

"Alt + click skill, spell or item" = Return time of ability, spell or active item;

"Alt + click item in store" = Say how much money is left to close an item;

"Alt + click life, mana and level" = Shows amount of life, mana and level of a champion;

"Alt + click tower, inhibitor or nexus" = Look at targets;

"Alt + click on monsters" = Look at monsters.

How to equip emotes

In the latest updates LoL has been given the option of emotes, which can also help in communication during a game. The emotes can be purchased by Riot Points and must be chosen before starting a match. You can equip up to five emotes per game, see how:

Step 1: From the Home screen, select "Collection" and then "Emotes";

Emotes are a new communication alternative

Step 2: To replace one Emote with another, just drag it to the place you want to change. Then save the changes;

Emotes can only be exchanged outside games

Step 3: To use the feature during a match, press "T" and select the Emote you want to use. It will appear in the upper left corner of the screen and above your champion.

Dragging the mouse to the direction of the desired emote activates it without having to click

Configuring Shortcuts

In the League of Legends it is also possible to change the shortcut keys according to the player's preference.

Step 1: In the upper corner of the game client click on the gear to open the game settings;

You can also change the settings during a game with the "Esc" key

Step 2: In the "In-game" section, click "Shortcuts" and "Additional shortcut keys" select "Communication";

It is more appropriate to change the shortcuts outside a game

Step 3: To edit a shortcut, simply click on your line, choosing "Set 1" or "Set 2". Press the key you want to change and click "Save". Then just select "Done".

It is important to choose a key that is no longer in use

To remove a shortcut, simply select the key, click "Remove Shortcut" and save to "Done."

If you have missed the key, removing it has the same process of adding it

Now that you know how to change a shortcut, choose the best key to use the "area ping with sentinel" shortcut and warn your team about enemy vision, as below:

The sentry area ping is new in the League of Legends and can assist the team in fights and ganks

Information about shortcuts and commands is found on the MOBA site itself. It is important to remember that Riot Games has been monitoring conversations since the selection of champions, punishing anyone against The Invoker Code and League of Legends Terms of Use. Summoners who are toxic to the rival or allied team may have their accounts banned forever. Filipe "Ranger" Brombilla and Matheus "Mylon" Borges have already been fined for toxicity and are examples to the community, showing that rules must be followed by any player.

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