My PlayStation: learn how to use Sony's new social platform

My PlayStation is Sony's social platform for the PlayStation family consoles. By logging in with a PSN account, you can interact with friends and network users, send and receive messages, check invitations and notifications, compare trophies, edit your profile, and more. Check out the guide and learn how to use the service on your computer and smartphone.

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Step 1. In your web browser, go to The site works on PCs and mobile phones;

My PlayStation: learn how to use the Sony social platform

Step 2. From this screen, sign in to your account using PSN email and password. If you do not have an account, you can create one for free to interact with friends on the network;

Sign in with your PSN account

Step 3. After login, you will have access to the main screen of the My Playstation platform, where you can manage your PSN account at any time without being near your console;

Go to the My PlayStation main screen

In the top right corner, under "Notifications, " you can check incoming invitations, news updates, and download games. This information is updated in real time, even with your console turned off;

View notifications about downloads and invitations on My PlayStation

In "Messages" see images, listen to audios and read texts sent by other players. By clicking on the profile of one of the users, you can reply and send new messages directly through My PlayStation;

Read and respond to text, picture, and audio messages on My PlayStation

In the "Friends" option, you can check out your full list of friends added on PSN, with information about what they're playing, their full profiles, and messaging functionality. Friendship requests can also be made and accepted by the platform;

Add new friends and check out My PlayStation activities

All of your PSN trophies are organized on My PlayStation so you can browse and compare them with other players. Each game in your account has its own dedicated prizes page, which shows which have already been obtained, which ones are still blocked and what percentage of games are completed;

View and compare trophies on My PlayStation

Below your picture, click "Edit profile" to access the PSN advanced settings screen. Here you can change user name, profile photo, avatar, description and network security options, such as hiding friends list, trophies won and other functions.

You can also customize your My PlayStation account

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