Stickman Hook: How to play and tips to do well in the mobile game

Stickman Hook is a free Arcade game, available for Android and iOS that has as main character the famous Stickman. Your main goal is to juggle the various obstacles and reach the finish line at various levels of the game.

Stickman Hook - Download

To start the game, simply click the "Classic" button on the home screen. Basically, you need to play in the floating circles so that the character triggers a type of rope (spiderman style) and balance the correct way to advance and complete the course of the phases.

As we advance level, of course the difficulties increase and the scrapes between the structures to hold the strings change. Therefore, it is also important to use a kind of trampoline that allows the character to take a higher thrust to reach the next point of securing the rope.

Stickman Hook - Use the laws of physics and elements in your favor

Use the moves in your favor

The game is simple but requires a certain logical reasoning to know when to release the rope, use the trampolines and overcome obstacles in the right way to get to the end. Aid points can become obstacles if used in the wrong way.

The position of the trampolines directly influence the movement of the character. When arranged horizontally, they allow upward thrust (white part). On the other hand, when they are vertical or inclined, they change the angle of movement of the character according to its inclination and move it forward or backward.

Gravity, strength and speed

Of course, gravity's strength and speed influence its movement and how it interacts with elements and obstacles. When you notice, for example, that you were standing upright, attached to the rope at a fixed point, releasing and fastening the rope quickly, you can create a small rocking movement that, in certain situations, can allow you to overcome obstacles or reach the next trampoline to advance a little further.

Gaining new clothes for the character

It is possible to gain new skins for the character to reach new levels (finish levels), watching videos with videos (videos) or still winning challenges, which are only released after reaching level 25.

Stickman Hook - It is possible to win several costumes for the character

In the main screen, access the menu that has the Stickman symbol with a positive (+) sign to select or purchase new outfits as mentioned above. Challenges can also be accessed through the main screen in the "challenge" option.