Surviving Mars: Check Out Survival Tips

Surviving Mars, strategy game for PC (via Steam), PS4 and Xbox One, aims to build the first human colony on Mars. But with a planet of scarce resources, natural disasters and few tutorials, the journey will not be easy. So check out tips for surviving the space-building game.

Surviving Mars: game brings elements of Sim City on Mars

Set up your trip to Mars

Unlike Easy Start, the Start Game option allows you to make various adjustments before heading to Mars. Planning is of the utmost importance as it will affect the level of mission. Each sponsor has a level of difficulty, number of spaceships, effects and bonuses that can help or make your stay even more challenging.

Use the bonuses and skills that each sponsor and commander offer in Surviving Mars

When it comes to choosing what to carry, consider the money the sponsor has and the weight the rocket can carry. Among the items on the list, remember to take drones and probes. If you have enough money, take some prefab buildings.

Buy a Moisture Vaporator to have an alternate source of water, the Fuel Refinery to produce fuel or the Stirling Generator to get more energy in the base. The advantage of these buildings is that they are already ready, that is, they do not need material for construction.

Buy prefabricated structures if you are going to a sparse region in Surviving Mars

Explore the map before you start

Do not land anywhere. Mars is an unknown planet with sandstorms and regions without any source of water. So take your time and carefully choose where your base will be built. Watch for the list that appears right on the screen. In it, you will see information about the amount of raw material available, as well as a list of natural disasters that may occur in that area.

Use code 11N177E to land in an easier region on Surviving Mars

But exploitation does not end there. After choosing a place to land, scan the area for features - use the probes to scan the map squares. It is worth remembering that the amount of material will depend on the region chosen in the previous screen.

Select the spacecraft and before clicking on the ground, see if the range encompasses all the features of the map. Drones work in a limited area, so this step is important.

Explore the map before landing your rocket at Surviving Mars

Another tip is to land the ship a little distant from the future construction area. The drive raises a large amount of dust and the sand of Mars damages the structures, especially the solar panel.

Build only the necessary

Read carefully what each building does and pay attention to the requirements. One building needs the other to work, so do not mount everything you see ahead. Take advantage of the initial material the spacecraft carried from Earth to assemble its first power source and a factory to extract concrete from the ground. Any error or defect in the base structures will be shown through the icons and alerts on the screen.

Create oxygen and water tanks to avoid wasting on Surviving Mars

In many cases less is more. It is no use having an exaggerated amount of solar panels at its base. Just as there is a possibility that one feature runs out, you may end up wasting another while producing too much. Use batteries or tanks to store energy, water, and oxygen if you have more than needed.

Look for water, oxygen and energy

Before it can bring life to Mars, the base must become a habitable place for future settlers. That is, get water, oxygen and energy. Energy can be obtained by the sun, wind or other more advanced structures. Already the water and the oxygen come from the same source.

Build the air pipes on top of the power cables in Surviving Mars

The three features are loaded by cabling and piping by the base. Do not create very long lines and keep pipes and cables aligned. Both are sensitive to the aggressive climate of Mars and can break easily, causing the lack of light and oxygen inside the domes.

Do not forget to reload vehicles

The RC Rover, RC Explorer and RC Transport vehicles have a battery limit and are discharging with use. To load them, place the cars on one of the power cables. If one of them runs out of battery power, do not despair. Use one of the transports that has the maximum load to transfer a little to the other.

Use the power cables to charge vehicles on Surviving Mars

The stations need manpower.

Bringing people to Mars is important because some of the research and extraction buildings need to be operated by humans. In addition, these constructions need to be done near or inside a dome so that the population has access to their place of work.

Some stations can only be built near domes in Surviving Mars

Unemployment and dissatisfaction are factors that must be taken seriously. Stay tuned for the skills and good points of home person because they offer bonuses in activities. If you have many settlers and few jobs, increase the number of turns to reverse this.

Life inside a dome is independent. The residents of one can not work in another. Remember this when choosing the buildings. For example, place the lab where there are researchers. Other professions will perform much less well in function.

Double the shift to end unemployment or produce more at Surviving Mars

Need to go further? Use the tunnels

The other side of the map is full of materials and anomalies, but the drones can not get there? Build a tunnel. In this way, vehicles can travel a short distance from one base to another to collect, search and discover new sources of energy.

The tunnel is capable of transporting water, oxygen and energy in Surviving Mars

Call on young, skilled people

From time to time, you can call a spaceship with people to your base - as long as there is enough fuel or rockets for it. In the recruiting screen, you can choose specialization, gender, age, skills, defects and peculiarities.

Avoid seniors, children and tourists at the start of your base at Surviving Mars

Recruit young people with professions that fit the stations you are building. Children and the elderly can not work. Avoid certain defects, such as idiot, as these people can cause serious accidents. Researchers are important to accelerate the research queue and enable new technologies.

Make the domes more comfortable

The residents of the colony have desires that reflect the comfort level of the season. Constructions that increase social interaction, allow shopping or gambling, improve the mood of its residents. Comfort is directly associated with birth rate. The creation of hospitals also makes people quieter to have children.

Balloons need entertainment to make people comfortable in Surviving Mars

Set priorities at your base

You do not need everything running at the same time. The stations have shifts by time, priority level and buttons to turn on or off the operation completely. Use all this to your advantage.

If enough concrete is already present, turn off the plant for a while. Take the workers to another station with more priority. Increase production in return for a little sanity of people and station energy by turning off what you do not use.

Control how much each season can produce in Surviving Mars

With these tools you can produce and stock large amounts of material without having to manage everything at the same time. If there is little skilled labor, the shifts will be useful for splitting the work or focusing on a single activity.

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