What color is tennis? Find out if it's green or pink with mobile app

A shoe that changes color: the controversy over objects of mysterious hue is back. Posted on Facebook Girlsmouth page, the photo of the footwear is dividing opinions on social networks: people can not come to an agreement if it is green and gray or pink and white. The debate is very similar to the dress that changes color, viral in 2015, when everyone wondered if it was blue and black or white and gold.

The two cases are the result of optical illusion and can be solved with the help of image editing software. Here's how to solve the mystery of green or pink tennis with the PicsArt app, available for Android and iPhone (iOS). Follow the walkthrough and find out the color of the mysterious tennis.

Solve the mystery of tennis that changes color with the PicsArt app

How to draw in the photo by PicsArt; app works on Android and iPhone

Step 1. Save the photo of the sneakers on your phone and install PicsArt. When opening the image editor, touch the "+" button, and then enter "Edit."

Access to PicsArt editing tools

Step 2. With the photo of the sneaker loaded, slide the toolbar at the bottom until you reach "Draw". Tap it and select the "Draw" option again.

PicsArt's drawing tool

Step 3. With the selected brush, tap the left color square - it will be black the first time. Touch the color selection tool, represented by an eyedropper.

Highlight for PicsArt color selection tool

Step 4. Keeping your finger on the circle, drag the cross that is in the interior up to one of the colors about which you are in doubt - in this case the green or white. As soon as you release, the color square will show the right tone. If in doubt, tap on it and check the position in the color scale. By doing this you will notice that the supposedly white part is actually green.

PicsArt Tool Reveals Mysterious Tennis Green Color

Step 5. Repeat the procedure with the gray or pink part. See that it is not a pink sneaker, but gray.

Color selection brush shows that mysterious sneakers is green and gray

Ready! Mystery solved: tennis, in fact, is gray and green-water color.

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