God of War: How to Solve the Seasons Puzzle in the PS4 Game

God of War, series release on PS4, brings an adventure that involves Kratos and his son, Atreus. In it, the player will find a series of battles, some epic, others simpler, and also challenges scattered around the scene. They are tests similar to the old games of the saga, as varied puzzles. One of them is the "seasons puzzle", which occurs in the middle of the game and is key to moving forward. Learn how to solve this challenge, as follows:

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Step 1. The puzzle involves placing the panels in the right order. First, listen to Atreus' tip, he will recite a song;

How to solve the God of War PS4 season jigsaw puzzle

Step 2. Then follow the placement order as Atreus says. Throw the ax in each of the panels until they rotate and stay in the order of the song: Winter (Snowflake), Spring (Flower), Summer (Sun), Autumn (Leaf);

God of War: Follow the tips of Atreus to unravel the puzzle of the PS4 game

Step 3. Atreus will say that the song is correct, but nothing will happen. From there it is remarkable that the order is right, but it is the reverse. Throw the axes again, but following the order: Autumn (Leaf), Summer (Sun), Spring (Flower), Winter (snowflake);

God of War: Throw the ax in reverse order in the PS4 game

Step 4. If successful, the panels will shine. Ask Atreus to activate the sand pedestal by pressing the square;

God of War: Ask Atreus to activate the pedestal in the PS4 game

Step 5. The platform will activate and begin to rise. Now start a survival game: eliminate all enemies quickly, before the platform energy bar runs out.

God of War: Eliminate enemies before the power bar runs out in the PS4 game.

Going through all the stages, the jigsaw will be won.

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